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Experienced Family Law Attorney in Nashville
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Experienced Family Law Attorney in Nashville
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Estate and Trust Attorney in Nashville, Tennessee
Plan for Your Estate
As we live our lives, we work toward goals: financial stability, a growing family and owning a house are often on people’s lists. Another side effect of living is accumulation. All the money and property owned by a person is legally referred to as their “estate.” Martin A. Kooperman, Attorney at Law will help you plan for your estate.

Long-Term Asset Management
Many people know that their last will and testament plans for their estate in the case of their death; however, you can make other arrangements for your estate during your life, including power of attorney, living wills and living trusts.
Power of Attorney
If you are the caregiver of a minor or person who is or will be incapacitated, it is essential for you to have power of attorney for them. Power of attorney gives you the legal authority to act in the person’s behalf to make legal, financial and medical decisions. If a situation arises where you need to transfer or affirm power of attorney, call Martin A. Kooperman, Attorney at Law.

Living Wills
In addition to a last will and testament, many people choose to establish a living will. This document is a directive to physicians and loved ones, expressing your wishes for end-of-life medical care in the case that you lose the ability to express your wishes.
Living Trust
Many people don’t realize that writing a will is not your only option to manage your estate when you die. Like a will, a living trust accounts for the distribution of assets upon your death; however, in this case, your assets are placed in a trust before your death.

Benefits of a Living Trust
Instead of the months or even years of probate it takes to execute a will, a living trust expedites the process. The trust bypasses the probate period to transfer assets directly to the trustee or trustees. The trustees then handle the final affairs of the deceased’s estate. Additionally, living trusts remain private, whereas wills become public upon a person’s death.
Consider Your Estate Options
As you look forward to the future, make sure you consider your legal future. Martin A. Kooperman, Attorney at Law is here to help you realize those plans. He will help you find the best way to protect your family and your estate. Don’t wait to build your safety net.

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